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Everything You Need to Know About Buying an Esim for Someone Else 



In the rapidly evolving mobile technology landscape, eSIM technology has revolutionized how we connect and communicate, particularly during international travel. The convenience of eSIM has made connectivity so easy and affordable that you don't need to purchase international roaming plans. Just buy an international esim and stay connected throughout the travel. But have you ever thought of buying an esim for someone else? It is undoubtedly a topic of interest that we will discuss in today's blog. So, just read the article till the end. 


Is it possible to buy an e-sim for someone else? 


Well!! We live in an artificial intelligence (AI) era where almost everything is possible. So, you can purchase an e-sim for someone else. However, the device used for the purchase doesn't necessarily have to be the one on which the eSIM is activated. The device used for the purchase needs to be somewhere other than where the eSIM is ultimately activated. This flexibility allows for convenient gifting of an e-sim to someone else. Like physical SIM cards, eSIMs are not tied to a specific device during the purchasing phase, enhancing their versatility.


However, certain factors may influence the ability to buy an eSIM plan for someone else, particularly in postpaid plans or when dealing with local telecommunications providers.

Factors Influencing Purchase for Others:


Identification and Verification:


  • To purchase an eSIM online for someone else, the buyer might be required to provide accurate and verifiable information about the intended user. This could include personal details such as name, address, identification documents, and, in some cases, the recipient's physical presence for in-person verification.


Device Compatibility and Activation:


  • The compatibility of the recipient's device with eSIM technology is crucial. Not all devices support eSIM, and compatibility may vary among those that do. Additionally, the activation process for an eSIM often involves steps that need to be performed on the user's device. Ensuring that the recipient's device is compatible and that they are willing and able to complete the activation steps is essential for a successful purchase.


Plan Customization and User Preferences:


  • Some eSIM plans offer customization options, including data allowances, international roaming features, and other specific preferences. When buying an eSIM plan for someone else, it's crucial to consider the user's preferences and requirements. Understanding the recipient's usage patterns, travel needs, and desired plan features ensures that the purchased plan aligns with their expectations and provides a satisfactory mobile experience. This factor emphasizes the importance of communication between the buyer and the intended user to tailor the eSIM plan to the user's needs.




Steps to Purchase an e-sim eSIMs for Others:


  1. Forwarding QR Codes:


After successfully purchasing Prune eSIM, users receive an email containing a QR code for activation. To gift the eSIM to a friend, forward the email with the QR code. The recipient can then install the eSIM on their device by scanning the QR code. But remember, this QR code is valid only for a single scan. So, the recipient needs to be careful while scanning the code. This simple process ensures a hassle-free experience for both the purchaser and the recipient.


2.    Prerequisites for Recipient's Phone:


Before purchasing, ensure that the recipient's phone is unlocked and eSIM-compatible. These prerequisites are essential for the eSIM to be usable on their device. Verifying compatibility in advance avoids potential issues during the activation process.


3.    Activation Steps:


Check the activation steps for the purchased plan. Some plans automatically start when the eSIM connects to the local network, while others may require manual activation from the Prune app. Clarify the activation method with Prune's customer service if needed. Understanding the activation steps ensures a smooth transition for the recipient.


4.    Data Usage Tracking:


Only the purchaser can track the data usage of the eSIM from the Prune app. If gifting the eSIM, the recipient will only have direct access to usage data if logged into the purchaser's Prune account. However, users can still track usage through their phone settings. It's important to communicate this information to the recipient to manage expectations regarding data monitoring.


5.    Assistance with Add-Ons:


If the recipient needs more data or wishes to purchase add-ons for their plan, the purchaser must facilitate these transactions from their Prune account. Awareness of this aspect allows for a seamless experience for both parties involved.


6.    Device Compatibility Check: 


Before forwarding the eSIM QR code, verify that the recipient's device is not only eSIM-compatible but also meets the specific requirements of the purchased eSIM plan. Some plans may have device restrictions or specific settings, and confirming compatibility in advance helps avoid activation issues and ensures optimal functionality.


7.    International Roaming Considerations: 


If the recipient plans to use the eSIM for international travel, it's essential to understand the roaming features and charges associated with the purchased plan. Some eSIMs offer seamless international roaming, while others may require additional settings or considerations. Providing this information to the recipient ensures they have a trouble-free experience while using the eSIM abroad.


Why Prune e-sim? 


In the era of advanced mobile technology, purchasing an eSIM for someone else is technically possible and very convenient. Buying an esim from Prune offers a hassle-free process where buyers can forward QR codes to others for activation. However, device compatibility, plan customization, and international roaming considerations must be considered. The concise steps for gifting eSIMs include verifying the recipient's device compatibility, understanding activation procedures, and managing data tracking. Prune is not just a service provider; its mission is to simplify how people connect, ensuring seamless connectivity wherever you go. Whether you are a frequent traveller, a remote worker, or someone who values staying connected, Prune has the solution for you.


Benefits of buying Prune e-sim 


·      Easy Activation: Choosing an e-SIM from Prune is a hassle-free process that takes just a few minutes. You can complete it online, avoiding visiting a physical store or waiting for a physical SIM card, saving you valuable time.


·    Cost-Effectiveness: Prune's e-SIM plans offer the flexibility to purchase data upfront or as required. This ensures you only pay for the services you need, avoiding unnecessary costs and making it cost-effective.



·    Wide Global Coverage: Prune provides e-SIM plans with extensive global coverage, enabling connectivity in numerous countries worldwide. No matter where your travels take you, Prune ensures you remain connected, making it a convenient choice.



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