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These unique villages of India will leave you spellbound! Let’s explore them: Prune

India has many hidden treasures waiting for you to explore. And if you’re looking for travel ideas that are out of the box, the charming countryside of India with the stunning green landscapes, majestic mountains, vibrant streets, and pristine lakes will amaze you for sure. While it will take us forever to discover every nook and corner of this beautiful country, some places must be visited at least once in a lifetime! Prune has put together a list of some of the most unique and beautiful villages of India, which should be on your travel bucket list this year!

Shani Shignapur, Maharashtra

Have you ever heard of people living without doors in their homes? Well, this is one unique village that will surprise you for sure. Shane Shignapur village is a holy village situated in Maharashtra where the locals live without installing doors in their homes. At most, you will find transparent curtains where the doors should be and nothing more. And even other buildings like resorts and police stations have the same quirk that makes this 156-year-old village unique. The people who live here believe in the power of Lord Shiva and that he would protect them from any harm such as theft.

Shetpal Village, Maharashtra

It is yet another village in Maharashtra, located in the Sholapur district and 200km away from Pune, which has unusual ways. It is commonly known as a village of snakes, and these reptiles, such as cobras roam freely in the houses of the residents, almost like pets. And if you’re wondering if anyone faces harm, that is surprisingly not the case here! These cobra snakes live harmoniously in the houses, and the villagers worship them. Now that makes this village a fascinating place to visit, doesn’t it?

Kodinhi, Kerala

Out there in the big world, we believe that our doppelgänger lives somewhere. And celebrities come across theirs all the time. But what if we say, that this remote village in Kerala has so many such instances within just a population of about 2000 families? The Kodinhi village in the Malappuram district in Kerala has over 400 pairs of twins or triplets. And this village, with one of the highest twinning rates, is still a mystery to researchers who try to determine the reason behind this curious case of doppelgängers.

Punsari village, Gujarat

When you think about remote villages in India, you imagine a lack of infrastructures such as clean water, electricity, and WiFi connectivity. But this village in the Sabarkantha district of Gujarat is surprisingly a step ahead that flaunts all the advanced facilities such as primary health centers, schools, WiFi availability, and CCTV cameras to keep an eye on things. And not just that! You will also find solar-powered street lights and loudspeakers installed to address the village. Now that is a great example of a modern village, isn’t it?

Hiware Bazaar, Maharashtra

In India, farmers face several issues related to drought and other climatic conditions. But this is one village that comes among the richest ones in the country. And it is known as the Village of Millionaires in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. In this wealthy village, you will see no poor farmers. They earn a well-deserved high income every month. Now, this sounds promising, and we hope that the other villages of the country see the same fate.

Mattur village, Karnataka

Sanskrit, an ancient language of India, is one of the dying languages in the world. But in the village of Mattur, located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, that is not the case. Here, the language is fondly preserved by the residents. They still converse in Sanskrit daily and keep it alive. Now, this is an unusual way to stay connected to our roots that most of us have lost touch with, so if you wish to dig into our culture, this is a must-visit village!

Rongdoi, Assam

In India, we come across unique and surreal rituals and beliefs all the time. And there is one such ritual in the village of Rongdoi in Assam, where the locals organise weddings for the frogs to appease the rain gods. The villagers gather together in large crowds to attend these weddings of the frogs and hope that this belief brings much-needed rain to the village. Now that is one bizarre ritual, isn't it?

Barwaan Kala, Bihar

Marriage is a topic that holds great significance in the minds of the Indians. But, there is one remote village in the Kaimur hills called Barwaan Kala in Bihar that hasn’t seen a single marriage ceremony in 50 years. There are many bachelors residing here between the age group of 16-80. And it is said that due to the insufficient infrastructure here, this village is not considered as an option for the families to get their daughters married here.

Did you find these villages fascinating to learn about? Let us know!

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