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Pondicherry homemade cuisine with Prune’s travel experience


If you’re a fan of beaches and French cuisine, then you must have Pondicherry on your bucket list. Pondicherry is a unique mix of stunning beaches, brightly colored French cafes, historic churches, and more. It is the French capital of India that has a lot to offer. Prune is here to ensure that you sit down to taste and enjoy the delicious multicultural food prepared by the local families. 

If you want to enjoy the taste of Pondicherry cuisine, you must be a part of this exciting travel experience offered by Prune. 

The food prepared here is a flavourful amalgamation of French and Tamil influence and the influence of the other neighboring states. Expect everything from buttery croissants and crusty baguettes to flavourful coconut curries and creamy pal payasam. 



What Prune offers in this travel experience package 


Prune has a lot to offer in this unique travel experience package that introduces you to the famous cuisine of Pondicherry in the most authentic way. With a guided tour to the homes of the local families, this experience will leave you with many memories of the delicious food and warmth of the people here. 


Multicultural cuisine 


Enjoy the diversity of the city with a delicious meal that is inspired by different cultures such as South Indian, French, 

Vietnamese, Portuguese, Cambodian, and Creole. It is far better than a typical restaurant experience where you sit down for a wholesome meal with the welcoming hosts and have great conversations with them. 


Learn about cultures 


You get to have insightful and lively conversations with your hosts as you join them for brunch. You will learn a lot about the history and lifestyle of Pondicherry over food inspired by so many different cultures. This experience will not just leave your belly happy but will teach you many things as well. 


Get cooking 


If you love cooking and learning about new recipes, you’ll love this part! Enjoy preparing a 4-course meal of authentic Pondicherry dishes with the local hosts. You can have fun conversations with them as you learn to make family recipes that will leave you hungry for more. 


Personalized experience 


Prune ensures that you have the perfect experience by keeping the group of travelers only up to 12. This way, you can make the most out of your authentic luncheon with the local families and have an up-close time with them making dishes and having them together on the table. You can also bring your family and friends along by booking the slots with us. 



What’s included in the package 

- 4-course meal (lunch / dinner) 

- Non-alcoholic beverages 

- Coffee and/or tea 

- Gratuities 

- Cooking demonstration 



Prune will guide you to the location of Authenticook where you can enjoy an authentic home-cooked meal at the chef’s home. You can enjoy the scrumptious meal with the locals within 3 hours. We offer a free admission fee. 


Additional information 


- If you have any special dietary requirements, please do inform us at the time of booking. 

- Public transportation is available for your convenience. 

- You will receive the confirmation at the time of booking itself. 

- Booking a lunch with the locals is subject to availability. 

- There’s no wheelchair access available during the tour. 


Cancellation policy 


If you wish to cancel the tour 24 hours in advance, Prune will give you a full refund. If you have more questions regarding the cancellation policy or the travel experience, feel free to get in touch with us. 



 Book your package now: https://prune.co.in/travel_experiences/category/Pondicherry/1/