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How to Use WhatsApp on 4 Devices with Companion Mode?

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced a new Whatsapp feature, "Companion Mode", through his social media handles. Companion mode will allow users to link their current account to up to four devices. This feature will ensure a better user experience, as all the chats across various devices will be synced as one. 

While the muti-device feature has been available for a long, it gave limited access only to browsers, tablets and computers. The companion mode allows users to use one WhatsApp account on four mobiles. 

Although messaging applications such as Telegram and Messenger offered message synchronisation across multiple devices, they lacked the support for end-to-end encryption, which distinguished Meta's offering.

Here's to Set up Your WhatsApp on Four Devices:

  • Update the WhatsApp application first, or install it on a new device.
  • Open Whatsapp and click on Agree and Continue” 
  • You’ll see an option to enter your mobile number and on the top right corner you’ll see three dots. Tap on the three dots.
  • Select “Link a new device”
  • You’ll get a QR Code
  • Now go on WhatsApp on your primary phone. Tap on three dots in the top right corner. 
  • Select Linked devices”-> “Link a new device” 
  •  Now scan the QR code you received on your secondary phone

NOTE- You can access the WhatsApp' Linked Devices' section by accessing the Overflow Menu. 

Benefits of Whatsapp Companion Mode:

1. Convenience: Users can use WhatsApp on multiple devices without having to constantly switch between them or keep their primary devices connected to the internet.

2. Flexibility: With Companion Mode, users can use WhatsApp on devices such as tablets or computers that do not have SIM card slots.

3. Efficiency: Users can quickly respond to messages from any device without having to find their primary phone.

4. Collaboration: Companion Mode can be helpful for teams collaborating on a project, as multiple team members can access the same WhatsApp account on different devices.

5. Security: Companion Mode can provide an additional layer of security, as users can log out of all devices remotely if they suspect unauthorised access to their accounts.

All in all, the new WhatsApp feature, "Companion Mode," is a convenient and flexible solution that allows users to use their WhatsApp account on up to four devices. It provides benefits such as efficiency, collaboration, and security, making it a great addition for users who need to access their accounts across multiple devices.

So, pick up where you left off! Update your WhatsApp today!