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How can you send money overseas effectively? Prune has the solution for you!



Do you have a loved one attending college abroad? Or do any members of your family work there? Then you might want to be there for them and lend support as much as possible. There might be times when you want to provide financial assistance to your family members living abroad. And you might be wondering what is the best approach to send money from home, whether it's for medical needs or to pay tuition costs for educational institutions.


Prune is here to keep your worries at bay! Our hardworking team helps you send money overseas. So you can relax as we do the work for you. You can rely on our dependable and cost-effective process so that your family and friends receive the money on time. Over the years, Prune has helped more than 50,000 customers.



What do you need in order to send money abroad?



·  Banking account info of the sender (bank name and branch)

·  Banking info of the receiver (name, country of residence, bank account number, bank identifier code)



How much time does the remittance procedure require?



It primarily depends on the remittance service provider you choose. There are several factors involved, such as documentation and rules and regulations. And sources such as banks and money changers take a while. There can be unforeseen delays with their services. But Prune makes the procedure quick and easy. The paperwork is hassle-free and takes care of your remittance needs. Your loved ones will get the money on time, usually in 12 to 48 working hours.



What are the safest methods for sending money abroad?



Online platforms: Apps and websites like Prune make sending money online simple, dependable, and secure. Both the sender and the recipient can check the process as there is 100% transparency. Additionally, there are no undisclosed fees and competitive prices.


Banks: Money can be transferred directly from the sender's bank account in India to the recipient using a wire transfer. It is yet another useful method for sending money abroad via reliable web channels.



What is the cost of sending money abroad?



Remittance costs vary depending on a number of things. These can include currency exchange rates, business fees, and bank fees.


The best offer on the market, however, is provided by online marketplaces like Prune. This website offers the most affordable exchange rates for sending money overseas.



Which documents do you need for the remittance process?



·  Sender's PAN Card

·  Sender's photo and address proof

·  Receiver's bank details

·  Receiver's passport copy

·  Purpose of sending money online



What are the possible reasons for sending money overseas?



·  Paying for tuition fees for schools, colleges, or other institutions

·  Buying or selling properties

·  Medical emergencies or assistance

·  Sending gift money to friends or family

·  Making donations




Prune is the trusted platform for sending money abroad. The entire process is safe and secure, so rest assured that your loved ones will receive their money on time. So download the  Prune App and visit the Website now!