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Cool travel accessories that you must carry for your next trip in 2022! - Prune



Do you love to travel often and make memories that stay with you for a lifetime? Then, to collect priceless experiences and explore the world, you must have some handy and cool accessories on you to make your trip seamless! Technology is making headway in every aspect of our life in 2022, including the way we go out for a trip.


And whether you're going out for a short break or a long workation, having top travel gadgets on you at all times is the smart way to go these days. These can be so fun and convenient to use that you won't think about stepping out without them. So if you like the idea of mixing travel with innovative and high-tech products, then the experts at Prune have compiled a list of must-have travel accessories just for you!


Pocket WiFi


Having a good Internet connection helps you stay connected for personal and work-related reasons. Whether you want to share your travel content with your followers or stay up-to-date with your work, pocket WiFi is a trusty device that gives you a fast connection wherever you go. A portable Wifi router helps you get access to a secure internet connection during your travel and is easy to carry along with you, so if you're on a vacation, this is a must-have gadget!


Universal travel adapter


If you're planning a trip abroad, taking an all-in-one adapter with you is essential! It helps you plug your electronic devices such as a laptop and phone into a wall outlet of another country with ease. These are widely available and are one of the handiest travel accessories around. Since the plug outlet differs from country to country, it's always advisable to carry a universal travel adapter which you can use from any part of the world.


Portable water purifier


If you're on the adventurous side and like to go camping and trekking, there's always a need to get clean drinking water. And it's not always possible to get access to it, and carrying a load of water bottles is not a feasible option either. If you're travelling to a place with questionable water quality, then a portable water purification device is the best solution! You can enjoy safe drinking water using this device for your outdoor activities.




If you're a photographer or vlogger on the move, light and durable Gorillapod helps you make engaging content using your smartphone or camera. Unlike a tripod, these are easier to pack in your travel bag, and these can be placed on any surface since it has adjustable legs. You can balance it on any surface that you come across without worrying about your equipment falling over. Now that's an accessory to have for your travel, right?


Portable humidifier


In the time of the pandemic, it's even more imperative to avoid infections during your travel. Different locations and environments can expose you to bacteria-related health issues at times. To avoid this problem, you can use a mini humidifier that will help keep respiratory issues at bay and keep you comfortable during your trip. You can use this in the vehicle you're travelling in, hotel rooms, and other places as you enjoy your trip.


Mini power bank


There's no avoiding this one during your travel! If you find yourself going to places where the availability of a plug point is next to none, you must have a portable power bank charger with you at all times. It can boost the battery life of your smartphone or tablet wherever you are and ensure that you stay connected with the world. These are available in various price ranges and power capacities, so you can choose one that fits your needs best.


Sleep headphones


These headphones are not the regular headphones that you use daily. These help you unwind and relax as you find yourself in unfamiliar environments during your travel. If you have trouble sleeping during your trips, like in a train or hotel room, you can use sleep headphones. These are comfortable to wear because of the soft mesh lining and often come with thin removable speakers in them.


USB headlight


Since outdoor travel activities such as camping have no lighting facility other than a bonfire at most, it's a good idea to have a rechargeable LED headlight. These can easily last for hours with a single charge and give you a hands-free experience as you make your way through dark places. With USB support, you can charge it anytime using a power bank.


What do you think about these handy and cool travel accessories? Which of these do you wish to buy the first thing for your next trip? Let us know!


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