One-Stop Platform to Buy Foreign Currency in India

Why Prune should be your one-stop platform to buy foreign currency in India


Are you in need of currency conversion for your personal or work-related travel? Prune is an online forex platform that provides an easy way to buy foreign currency from 20 cities of India. Our team of experts is adept at taking care of your forex needs, so download our app or visit our website to book your order! 

Best exchange rates


Your search to find the best exchange rate in the market ends here! If you are buying foreign currency, Prune gives you the Best Exchange Rate available. We ensure you that we do not charge any hidden fee and have a transparent process that you can rely on any time of the day. With our smooth online process, you can save time and cost of dealing with different money vendors and banks. 

Online order facility


It can be a tedious process to visit banks and other financial institutions to get foreign currency. But with the Prune app and website at your service, you can book your foreign currency order at the comfort of your home. With just a few taps on your phone, we can help you buy forex with ease. Especially during the pandemic, you can avoid meeting people in offices and enjoy the process safely. 

Doorstep delivery

Once you select and book the foreign currency you need on the Prune app or website, you don’t have to step out of your home or office. We’ll deliver your forex order to your doorstep and make it a convenient process from start to finish. Rest assured that you’ll get a timely delivery from us. 

Steps to change foreign currency online with Prune


Prune makes booking your foreign exchange order simple. These are some of the steps to have a seamless forex experience on our online platform:

Step 1: Visit the Prune Website or download our App to place your foreign currency order. 

Step 2: Select the currency you wish to buy, and add the amount for exchange. You will also need to add the name of the city you’re using our platform from as the exchange rates vary. 

Step 3: Fill your information with details that include the place, country you’re visiting, dates of your travel, and the reason for your travel. Keep your documents such as your PAN card and visa handy in case you need them to book your order. 

Step 4: Once done with the process, get your order at your doorstep at the best exchange rate.

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