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Did you miss out on the Amazon Echo Event 2021? Here’s the exciting scoop you need! – Prune 


The shopping frenzy season is on as Amazon has unveiled its line-up of tech goodies on September 28. The annual hardware event hosted by the e-commerce giant had big announcements about the upcoming products and services. You can expect everything from an acute security robot and pocket-friendly thermostat to a comprehensive fitness band and smart home security system for your abode. 


If you’re yet to catch up on the news about this big virtual event, Prune has gathered all the announcements made in one place for you to stay in the loop! 



Amazon Astro


The future that we used to talk about is here, the one that includes robots rolling their way around our home. And when Amazon dropped the unique announcement about its upcoming robot named Astro, it made quite a buzz among the tech-enthusiasts. This security robot is powered by Alexa that will take care of the assistant duties in your home, and turn into a cute security system when no one is around. It comes equipped with smart features such as a periscope camera and can easily navigate its way around your house without bumping into things or people. So, if you’re into having a digital companion that listens to your commands, you can pre-order Amazon Astro on an invitation-only basis by signing up in advance! 


Ring Always Home Cam


The new gadgets announced by Amazon at the hardware event are big on home security. And this includes a drone or flying indoor camera that will keep an eye around the home while you’re away. It smartly detects noise and movements using active sensors and covers every nook and corner of your home. The Amazon’s Ring was announced in the event last year, and it will finally be available for pre-order soon. You can request the invitation so you can have your very own flying security drone. 


Amazon Halo View 


A fitness tracker is one of the must-have devices these days, and many companies are competing with their own versions. And Amazon has unveiled one of the best fitness smartwatches that will give heavy competition to Apple Watch and FitBit in the market. The previous version called Amazon Halo didn’t have a display but the latest Halo View comes equipped with a color display, customizable band, and a one-year free subscription of Amazon Halo that has programs that include hundreds of workout videos and detailed nutritional guidance to plan your daily meals better. So if you wish to upgrade to a better fitness tracker, this is your next best bet by Amazon. 


Amazon Smart Thermostat


The tech giant has announced a minimalist-looking smart thermostat using Honeywell’s Home Thermostat Technology, and it is compatible with Alexa. You can easily set your desired temperature and make routine changes all day long. There’s news that it could end up being one of the affordable thermostats available in the market, so you can make full use of its smart features that also save energy, making it a sustainable purchase as well. 


Amazon Echo Show 15 

Amazon has launched a 15.6-inch large voice-activated display that you can hang on a wall. This smart display is called Echo Show 15 that can control other smart home devices, and help you with your to-do list in a digital note-making way. It can help you plan out your daily schedules, grocery list, or can just be used as a photo frame that can display any content you like. It features a fast AZ2 processor that supports visual ID to unlock the device’s personal information. And you can also stream videos, movies, and news on it anytime you like. The device will be available for purchase by the end of this year. 


Amazon Glow


This device is specially designed for children that will keep them engaged with entertainment activities, and stay connected with adults using the video call feature. The 19-inch standing screen and projector have a plethora of fun activities such as sketching games, puzzles, and more, which will keep them immersed in an educational style. The Amazon Glow also enables adults to perform fun activities along with the kids using the Glow app and has thousands of children’s books available to read. The device will also come along with entertaining content from Mattel and Disney, as Amazon has partnered with them to create a fun space for kids. 


Ring Alarm Pro

It is yet another home security system offering by Amazon that will help keep your property safe and sound. It comes equipped with Eero Wi-Fi 6 router for fast and seamless connectivity throughout your home and has a built-in feature that will help you manage the cameras that you’ve set up. These include doorbell and outdoor cameras, door sensors, windows sensors, and more. 


Blink Video Doorbell


Amazon has introduced us to a low-priced Blink Video Doorbell that you can use as a wired or wireless video doorbell. It will help you keep a check if someone’s at the door and works with existing doorbell chimes. However, it has a few setbacks as it doesn’t have personal, vehicle, and package recognition in it. But if you’re looking for one of the cheapest video doorbells, this might be worth the compromise. 


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