Ultraviolet Phone Sanitizer: Kill off Germs and Bacteria from your Phone


According to a study conducted by the University of Arizona your phone is a hot spot for germs and bacteria they found that it can carry 10 times more germs and bacteria than toilet seats. But you can remove all that germs and bacteria with the Ultraviolet phone sanitizer. Cleaning our phones is a little costly with ultraviolet phone sanitizers but it 100% worth the investment if they can keep you from getting sick.


Why do we need an Ultraviolet phone sanitizer?


According to studies, germs and bacteria live on the surface around us. Thus wiping down the phone with sanitizer might not kill the germs and bacteria. Only an Ultraviolet phone sanitizer can help in killing as much as 99% of the germs and bacteria present on the surface of the phone.


How does an Ultraviolet phone sanitizer work?


An Ultraviolet-based sanitizer works by using special bulbs that can emit the right amount of Ultra Violet– C rays that are needed to kill germs and bacteria on surfaces. Ultra Violet rays are effective in damages the DNA of bacteria and viruses. So, if you damage the DNA of the bacteria it dies.