Bhangarh Fort Travel Guide: The Most Haunted Place of India


Bhangarh Fort is a 17th-century fort built by Bhagwant Das for his younger son, Madho Singh. According to legend, it was made after receiving approval from the ascetic Guru Balu Nath who meditated on this place. The ascetic swore to the king that the shadow of the fort will not touch its meditation area. But the king failed to fulfill his promise. As soon as shadow touched his place, Guru Balu Nath cursed the village to remain roofless. If a roof is made today, then it will soon fall. Another story is about Tantric Singhia, which falls in love with Princess Ratnavati. He tries to use magic to win over him, but the princess knows about his evil plans and he gives an order to kill him. Tantric had also cursed the inhabitants of the fort to die before they died. Even the Archaeological Survey of India or ASI has denied tourists as well as local people from entering the fort at night. People claim that they have heard the ghosts of Bhangarh, The sound of women's crying, the sounds of bangles, the ghostly shadows, the strange lights and the unusual sounds of music and dance, and the dusk after the evening. Those who have dared to stay after the evening, the next morning did not appear alive.