Best Tourist Places and Things to Do in Rishikesh: Prune


Rishikesh is a fusion of thrill and piousness, which is why the city has two names- The Adventure Capital of India and The Land of God. There are numerous attractions and things to do in Rishikesh. Check out our top picks to visit some of the best attractions and things to do in the city.


Laxman Jhula


The Laxman Jhula spans beautifully over the Ganges River and is truly a paradise for photo-lovers. Apart from such a superficial interpretation, we can also safely conclude that the place is perfect for the ones who seek both physical and spiritual relaxation. The sound of the river will soothe the mind and the bridge is also built in a fascinating manner and, hence is interesting to observe. The temple bells ringing at the banks and the bustling marketplace over the end, filled with restaurants, rooftop venues, and souvenir shops altogether make it a happening place to be.


Neel Kanth Mahadev


This is a significant place for worship not only because of the contents within the temple premises but the overall environment, including the surrounding mountain ranges as well. In other words, the temple is situated between three valleys, namely the Manikoot, Brahmakoot, and Vishnukoot valleys. Also with the confluence of the Pankaja and Madhumati rivers, the entire landscape becomes a religious and scenic spot worth spending leisure time at. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and shares significant allusions pertaining to Hindu mythology too.


The Beatles Ashram


A historical event happened long ago which was ultimately termed the place. Yes, the Beatles have visited this Ashram for spiritual fulfillment and in fact, shared some of their music with the people too. One can simply explore the entire area which would take about an hour or two to cover. The place is filled with historical ruins and impressive graffiti artwork. The walls serve as photogenic spots for the picture-perfect moments of people. Most importantly, amidst the serenity of nature lies this Ashram with numerous meditation chambers where only peace resides.


Swarg Ashram


The Ashram is located nearby the Lakshman Jhula and serves as a peaceful place for spiritual and physical relaxation. Travelers from all across the world visit to witness this beautifully designed place that stores beautiful artwork as well as important historical ruins. There are several meditation chambers and the surroundings furthermore add towards the picturesque beauty of the place. This place is also termed after the world-famous band ‘Beatles’ after their recent visit to the spiritual land of Rishikesh.


Parmarth Niketan


It constitutes a unique religious environment. Travelers can explore through Ashram’s beautifully designed chambers and in fact stay over at the hotel facilities available inside the building as well. People will get to witness incredible scenic views from the viewpoints as well as from inside the rooms. The meditation chambers get filled by tourists, specifically in large numbers during International Yoga Day and the authorities organize the ceremonial Ganga Arti at the Ghats every evening, an event that appreciates the devotion and faith of pilgrims.


Raja Ji National Park


Travelers will have incredible wildlife encounters at such parts of Rishikesh. Firstly, the area is well-maintained and is an undisturbed home for several wildlife species, including rare migratory birds as well. Authorities take tourists along a two-hour jeep ride through magnificent scenic landscapes and the resting spots of animals such as elephants, wild hogs, buffalo, deer, and many more. It can inevitably be concluded that such places serve as a sanctuary for photography enthusiasts and for the ones who seek adventure; they can always venture into the wild with the help of guides along the way and feel a sublime connection with nature.




The natural heritage is always beautiful over at Rishikesh. Kaudiyala is highly revered by people for exciting recreational activities such as river rafting, camping, setting up bonfires with family and friends, embarking on sightseeing tours and I must say, one’s photogenic moments will cease to stop at such remarkable places. Visitors will also feel peace meditating beside the serene streams or perhaps underneath the starry sky and experience nature in its finest essence.


Shiv Puri


This is a spectacular campsite accompanied by the gently flowing river and lush-green mountains that altogether paints a lovely portrait of nature for people to appreciate. Simply gazing at the scenic brilliance of the landscape will satiate anyone’s expectation and moreover, the rafting facilities enhance the experience with some thrill and adventure. Shiv Puri serves a different camping experience because of Rishikesh’s unique culture of spirituality and Yoga. Such recreational activities are best experienced amidst the quietude of campsites as such.


Jumping Heights


Rishikesh is a place where thrill meets adventure as well as satisfaction. Travelers will face no less than an adventure as well as the thrill of falling from an outstanding height. Such activities are preferred because the sport brings out every suppressed feeling in people and after a successful fall what will be left is a memory that can always be cherished. Rishikesh has some amazing bungee jumping points and the scenic landscapes create magnificent backgrounds for some quality pictures. It is a great chance to drive our bodies to nature’s limits.


Narendra Nagar


Narendra Nagar lies within the vicinity of Rishikesh and is situated at an altitude of over thirteen hundred kilometers above sea level. The place is a natural marvel. It constitutes viewpoints from where people will experience some of the finest sceneries. The entire environment is blissful, mainly because of the undisturbed heritage and some specific features such as the royal palace of Narendra Shah located inside the Alpine forest. People can also witness the grandeur of the Himalayas from higher viewpoints such as Kunjpura.


Ram Jhula


It is one of the spectacular bridges of Rishikesh that passes over the holy river Ganga. Visitors will feel immense pleasure watching the decently flowing river and the sound that constantly dominates the quietude of the place. Moreover, the view of the setting sun is beautiful and mentally soothing. Travelers can rejuvenate the self after a tiring day even at the shores of the river. There are various shops where visitors can buy clothes and souvenirs at the bridge’s end, including eateries selling delicious cuisine.


Vashistha Gufa


The Vashistha Gufa is a cave where people often visit to relax and meditate. The Yoga culture that is prevalent in Rishikesh is indeed one-of-a-kind and this particular place serves no less than the same. It is situated on the river bank and one has to climb down into the cave until the bank is reached. It feels incredibly soothing to sit beside the decent streams and watch the water flow amidst sheer tranquility. The place also serves as a beautiful photogenic spot where some remarkable moments of life can be captured.


Triveni Ghat Arti


The evenings light up during the ceremonial Ganga Arti held at the banks of the Ganga River. This is one of the primary reasons why people flood the banks of the Triveni Ghat, so as to offer their prayers and homage in a spiritually enriched way. The river carries lighted diyas (lamps) and similar offerings that carry the wishes of so many people. It is indeed pleasing to watch such offerings swaying through the river in mass numbers. We can actually notice a paradox from afar, that is a number of flames sailing on the water and it looks wondrous!


Neer Garh Waterfall


Hikers will love this place as the trail towards the waterfall is accompanied by mesmerizing natural views. One will also get to witness some rare bird species along the way. The place where the waterfall is situated is also marvelous. One should consider packing his/her swimsuit while going there and take a fresh dip inside the cool water. Otherwise, the person can simply sit beside with refreshments. Speaking of which, families will have the best spot for enjoying picnics and the times that will follow will eventually turn to be a traveler’s dream.


Rishi Kund


The Rishi Kund is a sacred pond where a sage named Kubz was blessed by the River Goddess Yamuna for filling up the void with water. Apart from mythological significance it now serves as a prominent tourist destination where people drop by just to relax the body and take a refreshing dip in the moderately steaming water. It is furthermore believed that one can cleanse the body and rid the self of sins. It is one of the finest bathing spots in Rishikesh, where one's wish is believed to be fulfilled by the River Goddess.


Geeta Bhawan


The Geeta Bhavan is situated amidst the hills and falls nearby other famous attractions such as the Parmarth Niketan and Ram Jhula. Travelers will have the best place to stay away from the hassles of the city and the facilities provided are enough to satisfy anyone during holidays. Moreover, people always prefer Rishikesh for the Yoga Culture and peaceful heritage. The Geeta Bhavan is as peaceful as the entire scenic surroundings of the place. There are souvenir shops and local eateries set up at the gates and downwards lay the serene river banks that serve as prominent pilgrimage spots as well.


Kunja Puri Temple


One of the finest retreats for people away from the city, the Kunja Puri Temple is located on the hilltop from where one will witness the splendor of the snow-filled mountains and the Ganga flowing underneath the peaks. Nature is at its best spectacle and one can in fact click the most magical moments of his/her life from the temple grounds. There are well-suited accommodations run by concerned authorities, where travelers can safely stop by for the night, meditate at the open spaces and altogether replenish the being.


Trayambakeshwar Temple


It is revered as one of the most important shrines of Rishikesh. The temple is astounding. The designs stand apart from any other generic design in the country. One will be fascinated to observe the intricate details and distinguished artwork vivid on the walls. The façade of the temple is actually enough to impress everyone. The inner chambers are reflective of the perfection of ancient architecture and the environment is also very scenic. The Shrine is identified as one of Lord Shiva’s ancient abodes and historians can gather useful information from the Vedic works preserved within the temple premises.


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