7 Top Secluded Beaches in India for a Perfect Holiday

Ring in the New Year at these top secluded beach destinations! - Prune

The season to celebrate the end of the year is finally here. From endless feasts and partying to travel and shopping, you must have your way of celebrating this time with your loved ones. And if travel is on the top of your list to begin the new year with, let your expert travel guide Prune help you out with some ideas!

If you’re dreaming about the blue waves, golden sand, sunshine, and bonfire parties already, don’t just stick to the beaches of Goa for the new year celebrations! Here’s a list of the stunning secluded beaches of India put together by Prune that you’d love to explore and have a splashing time with!

Om Beach, Karnataka

away from the touristy crowd and have a fun time at one of the cleanest beaches of South India. Om Beach in Karnataka is perfect if you’re seeking both solitude as well as a dose of adventure. Located in Gokarna, it’s one of the stunning and untouched beach spots shaped literally like the symbol Om. Here, you can spend time watching the dolphins, enjoy delicious food at the seaside cafes, and enjoy beach hiking which is Gokarna’s top must-do activity! And if you’re seeking excitement and an adrenaline rush, try out the water sports activities such as bumper boat rides and speed boat rides.

Ezhimala Beach, Kerala

The spectacular beauty of Ezhimala Beach in Kannur in Kerala is a treat for the eyes. It is a beach spot that attracts travel enthusiasts from all over the world, yet it remains secluded and peaceful. It’s situated amid seven hills around 286m high and has palm groves and coconut trees in every nook and corner. If you want to have a quiet holiday and spend time watching the beautiful sunsets, then this is the place to be. Another interesting fact about this place is its historical significance. Here, you can go back in time by checking out the stone pillars and an ancient burial chamber situated at the base of the hills of Ezhimala.

Yarada Beach, Andhra Pradesh

Catch the mesmerising and picture-perfect view of the Bay of Bengal from Yarada Beach. About 15km away from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, this beach destination boasts lush green landscapes, hilly terrain, and surreal golden hours on its coastline. It’s one of the cleanest beaches to make the most of your end-of-the-year vacation and make fresh memories filled with peace and relaxation. During your visit here, you must try out the local cuisine, as you watch the azure blue waters wildly lapping away at the rocky shore. And you can also have a fun time here having picnics with your family and friends.

Serenity Beach, Tamil Nadu

This beach is as serene as its name. The Serenity Beach is one of the best tourist spots of Pondicherry for a perfect holiday this festive season. The enchanting sandy and rocky landscape, palm trees, and a view of the Bay of Bengal will rejuvenate you to no end. The beach is so pristine and clean, that you can lounge there and watch the playful waves all day long. It is why it’s one of the top beaches to have a quiet and private time away from the hustle-bustle of city life. Apart from the beach, you can also go about the town and check out the town of Pondicherry that still has the remaining remnants from its French and British colonial history.

Mandvi Beach, Gujarat

Mandvi is a famous town in the Kutch region, Gujarat, that boasts a range of travel experiences. And one of the top activities here is to visit Mandvi Beach for a soothing and refreshing experience. It’s the perfect destination to have a laid-back time and enjoy water sports activities if you want to have the thrill. Here, you can try out the camel rides, yoga activities, or take a long stroll, and watch the gentle waves as the sun sets down. But that’s not all! Mandvi Beach is also popular for camping. Since it’s a private and quiet beach, you can have a safe and peaceful time camping here in a tent. And if that sounds like your jam, then you must visit Mandvi Beach this season!

Mandarmani Beach, West Bengal

Do you love to drive along the beaches? Well, this is the beach where you can do just that! If you like romantic or peaceful long drives, then you can bring your car here and enjoy the stunning views this place has to offer. It’s situated about 180km from Kolkata and is one of the top beaches to visit in West Bengal. This place has a 13km long stretch so that you can drive in peace and stop anywhere to chill. From watching the wild blue waves to golden sunsets, the Mandarmani Beach will leave you with an unforgettable experience.

Jalandhar Beach, Diu

It is yet another off-beat and secluded beach that offers dazzling views of the Arabian sea. Jalandhar Beach is one of the top beaches you must visit during your trip to Diu. Here, apart from spending a quiet time, you can enjoy a good dining experience surrounded by palm trees. It is a small rocky beach known to give a tranquil experience. But if you’re seeking fun water sports activities, this beach has plenty of those too! Apart from this, you must also visit the famous temple made in honour of Goddess Chandrika for a divine time.

Which beach would you like to visit for your holiday this season? Let us know!

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